Friday, January 05, 2007

All Change

What a difference a year makes!
I've moved from Head of Development with CPM, to Head of Technology & E-commerce at TV Network, the UKs biggest Direct Response Television Company.

There are lots of projects going on at the moment, but the most pertinent for this blog is Chrysalis 7. Chrysalis 7 is a Lean Thinking Programme to introduce lean practices, culture and organisational change

Having implemented lean initiatives within the software industry, I am now leading a programme to use lean thinking across the entire supply chain. i.e Manufacture, Logistics, Warehousing, Call Centre and Customer Service.

We kicked off late last year and are currently mapping the Value Chain in teams across 4 different companies which represents most of the value chain. We've adopted Scrum as the project management methodology for the programme (a first for DRTV I think!), and with distributed teams, complex processes, and in-built, multiple "company cultures", we are facing similar problems to those experienced when adopting scrum for software development.

In addition to adopting lean thinking, we are moving to Open Book Management. Open Book is a relatively old management theory from the early nineties best described in the book "The Great Game of Business" It's very close to the "agile heart" being about full transparency and ownership of risks and rewards, and a clear understanding of the effect of one's actions through continuous feedback loops.

As I say, the programme is at an early stage, but any thoughts and insights will be posted here, along with any parallels with software development.



Owen Cutajar said...

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on your new post. This promises to be a great year for you!! Don't forget to keep us updated with your successes, and hey, even the challenges that lean management brings about!!

Steve Garnett said...

Hey Owen,
Long time no chat! Hope all is well with you and you're not working too hard.

Ian Ralls said...

Hi Steve,

Hope all is well... and the new post is keeping you busy!

I was fortunate to attend a Lean Systems thinking conference presented by John Seddon (Vanguard), in 2006 and I would highly recommend attending if there are any on the horizon...